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Recap of our TechTalks - Spring edition 2023

Another round of techTalks, and this time in West Flanders! We spent a delightful evening at Sweet Mustard in Kortrijk in the company of Emma Dendooven and Rune Devuyst talking ethics, accessibility, data and privacy. Enjoy the recap!

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  • Azize Ergün
    in the spotlight

    Meet Azize Ergün, Software Engineer

    Katniss Everdeen might not have been a coder but Azize is.

    Azize Ergün is a 24-year-old software engineer with a passion for adventure and coding. After a study trip in New York and an internship in Milan, Azize landed her first job about a year ago, in a product company as a software engineer with a scrum master hat. Her hobbies include archery, reading and a thirst for exploring new horizons.

    8 min read

  • Sarah Klein
    in the spotlight

    Meet Sarah Klein, Senior Data Scientist

    Who says data scientists don't sing in choirs?
    Meet Dr. Sarah Klein, a German-born multitalented data scientist with a PhD in physics. And yes, Sarah is also part of a local choir since she moved to Belgium.

    While Sarah originally didn't set out to start coding, she learned it more or less by chance during her physics studies and it helped steer her towards statistical physics which eventually led to her current job.

    4 min read

  • Astrid De Ruddere
    in the spotlight

    Meet Astrid De Ruddere, Full-stack developer

    Astrid has been a web developer for over a decade, first working as an employee and later on she made the switch to going freelance. With JavaScript, the Vue framework and PHP as her main tools of trade, Astrid focusses on full-stack web development.

    A few years ago she made the bold choice to launch a project of her own, a perfect way to push past her boundaries.

    Curious what this entrepeneurial developer does during a normal weekday?

    5 min read

  • Sarra Laksaci
    in the spotlight

    Meet Sarra Laksaci, Machine Learning Engineer

    Sarra is a soon to be Machine Learning engineer, who became fascinated by computer vision and artificial intelligence during her studies. As you read this she is finising up her Master thesis, a study that identifies fire salamanders through their spot patterns.

    In her free time, you might run into Sarra while she's visiting musea, exhibitions, local cities or trying out a new hobby. But her true passion lies in comic books, which has been reignited since she moved to Belgium.

    Sarra is also a very gifted public speaker, something we were fortunate enough to learn at one of our previous events.

    8 min read

  • Leonor Drummond
    in the spotlight

    Meet Leonor Drummond, Data Scientist

    Switching careers isn't always easy or straightforward. The same can be said after reading about Leonor's journey into tech. The road was bumpy, but thanks to her eagerness to learn and persevere, Leonor has become the data scientist she is today.

    A big part of her job consists out of doing research, brainstorming and problem solving together with team members.

    Outside work, Leonor is adventurous and has a big love for sports, such as snowboarding, hiking mountain trails, kite surfing and so on... but on a regular weekday, you are more likely to find her going on walks with her trusted labrador by her side.

    6 min read

  • 2022 in retrospect
    community insights

    2022 in retrospect

    We're back with our annual tradition to review the biggest changes of this past year and set some goals for the next. This has been quite the year to say the least, but we managed to create a somewhat concise overview.

    5 min read

  • Asma Oualmakran
    in the spotlight

    Meet Asma Oualmakran, Software Security Consultant

    Where there is software and data, there is usually a security risk. Asma specialises in both AI and cybersecurity and her work includes a variety of client work and internal work. Some days she spends time researching how AI's can be trained to be less biased, while other days she might be looking into clients' codebases to spot vulnaribilities and presenting them with solutions and best practices.

    Asma is also an avid fish keeper, who has several fish tanks filled with colourful fish and corals. She even managed to find Nemo!

    9 min read

  • How companies can make it easier for starters to find their first job

    How companies can make it easier for starters to find their first job

    We all know that finding your first job can be quite challenging. When talking about the state of employment in IT you often hear about the war for talent. Agoria has predicted that the shortage for tech profiles is bound to triple in the next 10 to 20 years. So why is it that many young talents are struggling to find a job?

    This article is about what we learned from personal experience as well as through the experiences of our community members.

    4 min read

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