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Léa Heitz
in the spotlight

Meet Léa Heitz, Game, Tools & Sytems Developer

Have you ever wondered what the career of a game developer looks like?
We certainly did! Meet Léa, who works as a game, tools and systems developer and who recently applied to a pretty well-known game studio!

Besides working on games, she's also an avid gamer herself, with a love for Sci-Fi / space-related games such as Astroneer and Deep Rock Galactic. But that's just a fraction of her many interests!

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  • Anna Varzina
    in the spotlight

    Meet Anna Varzina, Data Scientist

    Anna came to Belgium for her PhD in civil engineering and applied mathematics, not long after she discovered her love for data science. And as it happens, one day she found her current job through our member network.

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  • Evelien Rutsaert
    in the spotlight

    Meet Evelien Rutsaert, Teacher and Freelance Web Developer

    Evelien is a college/university teacher who helps shape the young adult minds of our society and guide them through the world of media and tech. Besides teaching, Evelien is also a freelance web developer, helping companies build a better digital experience.

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  • Sophie Ragas
    in the spotlight

    Meet Sophie Ragas, Accesibillity Consultant

    Sophie is specialised in accessibility and helps clients understand that certain changes are needed to make their website accessible to as many people as possible. She also happens to be a big fan of everything related to royal families and runs a very cool and interesting website where you can read up on the history and facts of the royal families across the world!

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  • community insights

    2021: year in review

    By now, most of us have learned that ever since Covid-19 has struck down it can get more difficult to follow your plans. Some unfortunately didn't come to fruition, but hey that's ok!

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  • Aagje Reynders
    in the spotlight

    Meet Aagje Reynders, Front-end Developer & UI/UX Designer

    Aagje is a creative soul who has many skills and talents. One of her hobbies is cosplaying and creating parts of her costume. But she is also someone who cares a lot about diversity and working towards a more inclusive industry.

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  • techtalks

    Recap of our TechTalks autumn edition 2021

    It’s the last day of September and we’re in for a journey from pixels to space narrated by the voice of a screen reader! The two speakers Sophie Ragas and Marta Luffarelli talked about all things web accessibility and remote Earth Observation - here are the main takeovers from their presentations.

    6 min read

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