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  • Floriane Magera
    in the spotlight

    Meet Floriane Magera, Innovation Engineer

    For Floriane, it wasn't exactly love at first sight with programming. It was only after she had to retake the course that she came to love it. Which led her to become an innovation engineer.

    Floriane enjoys to challenge herself and sets out various objectives in order to grow. Whether it's on an athletic or a professional level. Besides cycling, running and hiking, she is also into slow fashion and upcycling clothes. But her biggest interest might be trying out all the different kinds of beer in the world!

    11 min read

  • techtalks

    Recap of our TechTalks - Summer edition 2022

    Buckle up for the recap of another eclectic edition of our TechTalks! Lisa Trapletti shared some tips on how to eco-design our system, Asma Oualmakran demystified cybersecurity buzzwords, and Liza Morrison walked us through a brand-new framework, Qwik.

    7 min read

  • Laila Bougria
    in the spotlight

    Meet Laila Bougria, Software Engineer

    Laila is a true source of inspiration. From early on in life she has enjoyed learning new things, wether it is out of sheer interest to try out a new hobby or to strengthen her career as a software engineer. But at some point she realised that it's actually the learning journey that appeals to her the most.

    When Laila's passion for software engineering and her love for sharing knowledge was combined with the encouragement of fellow peers she pushed forward as a public speaker. Nowadays you can find Laila speaking at events such as Techorama and international dotNet conferences.

    11 min read

  • Aline Lanckneus
    in the spotlight

    Meet Aline Lanckneus, Frontend Developer

    Aline started out in veterinarian medicine, but after a while she realised that she wanted something different in life. A decision she didn't take lightly.

    Her next career had to be intellectually challenging, have a decent salary and flexible hours  So after doing research she came to the conclusion that IT was the obvious choice.

    7 min read

  • Léa Heitz
    in the spotlight

    Meet Léa Heitz, Game, Tools & Systems Developer

    Have you ever wondered what the career of a game developer looks like?
    We certainly did! Meet Léa, who works as a game, tools and systems developer and who recently applied to a pretty well-known game studio!

    Besides working on games, she's also an avid gamer herself, with a love for Sci-Fi / space-related games such as Astroneer and Deep Rock Galactic. But that's just a fraction of her many interests!

    7 min read

  • Anna Varzina
    in the spotlight

    Meet Anna Varzina, Data Scientist

    Anna came to Belgium for her PhD in civil engineering and applied mathematics, not long after she discovered her love for data science. And as it happens, one day she found her current job through our member network.

    5 min read

  • Evelien Rutsaert
    in the spotlight

    Meet Evelien Rutsaert, Teacher and Freelance Web Developer

    Evelien is a college/university teacher who helps shape the young adult minds of our society and guide them through the world of media and tech. Besides teaching, Evelien is also a freelance web developer, helping companies build a better digital experience.

    4 min read

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