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  • techtalks

    Recap of our TechTalks autumn edition 2021

    It’s the last day of September and we’re in for a journey from pixels to space narrated by the voice of a screen reader! The two speakers Sophie Ragas and Marta Luffarelli talked about all things web accessibility and remote Earth Observation - here are the main takeovers from their presentations.

    6 min read

  • Marta Luffarelli
    in the spotlight

    Meet Marta Luffarelli, Remote Sensing Scientist

    A scientist, PHD candidate and yoga instructor are just a few parts to describe Marta, who has been working in the Earth Observation field since her studies. 🛰

    6 min read

  • Stefanie Gevaert
    in the spotlight

    Meet Stefanie Gevaert, Freelance Developer

    Meet Stefanie Gevaert, an early Devine graduate who has been working as a front- and back-end developer for nearly a decade. Nowadays, Stefanie works on international projecta as a freelancer specialised in Craft CMS.

    6 min read

  • Oya Canli
    in the spotlight

    Oya Canli, Android Developer

    Meet Oya Canli, who's got an impressive educational background in industrial engineering, philosophy and applied ethics! After becoming a mom, she made the switch to become an Android developer.

    7 min read

  • Anna Gajecka
    in the spotlight

    Meet Anna Gajecka, Software Tester

    Meet Anna Gajecka, a software tester who transitioned from literature to software. While coding isn't necessarily required for manual testers, Anna's curiosity pushed her to take the first steps towards learning how to code.

    10 min read

  • Marie Hargitt
    in the spotlight

    Marie Hargitt, Full-stack developer

    Meet Marie Hargitt, a full-stack developer, formerly working in digital communications and co-organiser of DataBeers Brussels.

    5 min read

  • Lisa Becker
    in the spotlight

    Lisa Becker, Machine Learning Engineer

    Meet Lisa Becker, who moved here from Germany, recently finished her masters degree in Science - Cognitive Systems and started working as a Machine Learning Engineer.

    7 min read

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