Eva B

I'm Eva, a freelance web designer and front-end developer from Antwerp. Before I started focusing on design & code I studied philosophy and film studies, laying the foundation for why I like to combine both abstract and visual thinking. Outside of work I make illustrations and enjoy (web)comics, animation and gaming. she/they ✨

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  • Janine George
    in the spotlight

    Dr. Janine George, Computational Chemist

    For this month’s issue we had the chance to interview a special type of programmer. Meet Janine George, a computational chemist using code and supercomputers as part of her research. 🤩

    6 min read

  • Janique-ka John
    in the spotlight

    Janique-ka John, Software Engineer

    Meet Janique-ka John, who moved all the way from St. Vincent and Grenadines! She is a software engineer currently focussing on front-end and founder of the Women in Tech Caribbean community.

    6 min read

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