Sarra L

Sarra L

Lifelong learner fueled by curiosity. I'm an AI engineer and Computer Vision enthusiast. Beyond tech, my interests include painting, dabbling in hobby clay, and embracing the chaos of reading comic books out of order.

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  • Rune Devuyst
    in the spotlight

    Meet Rune Devuyst, Coding designer & accessibility consultant

    Meet Rune, a coding designer & accessibility consultant. Her journey in tech includes many chapters: she worked for a number of Belgian start-ups, achieved her early dream of working for a Silicon Valley company, and then dared to change her dream to meet the balance in life we should all strive for.
    In her day to day life she focuses her efforts on bringing more attention to accessibility through her consultancy work and teaching experience, while allocating time for her six lovely pets and different crafts.

    10 min read

  • Gladys Villegas
    in the spotlight

    Meet Gladys Villegas, Remote Sensing Data Scientist

    Gladys is a PhD candidate in BioScience engineering. Her research focuses on monitoring Ecuadorian land to study important questions such as deforestation in the Amazonian region of Ecuador and improving farming practices with satellite data insights.

    When she's not processing geospatial data, you can find gladys expressing her creativity through photography to capture the beauty of this world, and cooking as she loves to invest recipes. Besides creativity, physical endurance is another trait she upholds as she enjoys pushing her limits with a long run and calisthenics exercises.

    6 min read

  • Tessa Ickx
    in the spotlight

    Meet Tessa Ickx, Data Scientist

    Meet Tessa Ickx, a data scientist or programmer surrounded with data as she beautifully describes it.

    Tessa’s fascination with tech began at a very young age, sparked by her curiosity towards computers. She then taught herself how to code and later pursued her studies in Information Engineering Technology. In her free time, Tessa is passionate about knowledge sharing and engages in teaching STEM subjects to children aged 8 to 15.

    5 min read

  • Azize Ergün
    in the spotlight

    Meet Azize Ergün, Software Engineer

    Katniss Everdeen might not have been a coder but Azize is.

    Azize Ergün is a 24-year-old software engineer with a passion for adventure and coding. After a study trip in New York and an internship in Milan, Azize landed her first job about a year ago, in a product company as a software engineer with a scrum master hat. Her hobbies include archery, reading and a thirst for exploring new horizons.

    8 min read

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