We are officially launching a job board for our community and broader network!

As a first step of a more elaborate plan we are soon launching a curated job board where women and minorities can find code-related internships and jobs of all levels all over Belgium.

Setting goals

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive both in their career as well as in their personal lives, and as these are often close related, we feel it's important for us to only accept job listings from companies who's values align with our community. So no hard feelings, okay?

We are also setting a few goals we wish to focus on over the next year:

  • We want to make it easier to find internships that might turn into a full-time job.
  • We also want to make it make it easier to find entry-level jobs , in other words companies that are willing to train and mentor new hires properly.
  • Lastly, part-time code-related jobs are extremely difficult to come by, so we want to raise awareness that there definitely is a certain demand for these jobs from the applicant side.

The launch of this job board has been set on Monday the 4th of April!

Diversity ratio

We are also introducing an optional diversity ratio the company profiles. The diversity ratio is a percentual representation of the diversity at your company. Diversity is not limited to women, it also includes people with a trans or queer gender identity, people of color, people with disabilities and so on...

By asking companies to add the number of people working for them and how many people can be identified as white cis males, we calculate the percentage. It’s not perfect, but we also believe it's better when people are given the choice whether they want to become part of a less diverse team or not.

A company has 20 employees, 15 of those employees are identified as white cis males

Our calculations: (15 / 20) * 100 = 75% and then 100 - 75 = 25%
The diversity ratio here is 25%

Let's talk about pricing

The funds raised through this job board will allow us to explore how our community can play a bigger role in supporting women who code and increasing diversity in the Belgian tech scene. Think of workshops, mentoring and so on...

We created the following pricing model to launch or job board with:

  • Internships can be posted free of charge
  • Entry-level jobs start at 100€
  • All other jobs start at 120€

You can list a job opening up to 3 months and will be charged an additional 50€ per month, after the first month.

(all mentioned prices are without VAT)

What else?

Every Monday we will publish the latest selection of submitted job listings on the job board. Alongside updates on the job board, we will also make regular posts on our social networks and send out a newsletter. Members of our community can also subscribe to updates via a dedicated channel on our member platform.

Subscribe to our job board and receive weekly updates once we go live!.

Call for internships!

We currently have a lot of people in our community that are on the lookout for an internship and/or their first job. So even though we are officialy going live on 04/04/2022, we are already collecting internship offers.

Internships will already be shared within our member space and network before the launch, job listings that are submitted early will have to wait until the job board goes live.

Use this form to submit an internship or job opening

Last but not least

To make this a big success we would kindly appreciate all the help we can get to spread the word of our job board (launch)!

So Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever you can think of!

Thank you for staying with us till the end of this post! ❤️ If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your network?

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