One year anniversary event 2018 - Ghent

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Hi all! We have our first anniversary meetup coming up and we hope you can all join us to celebrate! We'll deviate a little from our usual format to make it a bit more festive 🎉Hint There will be bubbles and cake! 🥂🍰

We hope you're as excited as we are! So see you there 😉

Evening Program

18h00 - 🚪 Doors open & start of networking
19h00 - Eva Brarens: a women.code founder talk
19h15 - Ellen Doms: Taking the leap
20h00 - 🧋 short break
20h15 - Janique-Ka John: Be Seen and Heard
21h00 - a small code challenge (voluntary)
21h30 - 🤝 drinks & networking

Tech Talks

Founder Talk by Eva

Eva will tell you a bit more about women.code(be), how it came to exist, some of the ideas behind it and other related things. And of course we will also take a look towards the future 🤩✨

About Eva

Apart from being one of the 3 founders of this community, Eva's a freelancing front-end developer and designer who loves to keep things simple in a tech world that seems to be addicted to complexity. In her spare time she makes awesome webcomics and illustrations, definitely check out her Inktober sketches on twitter or Instagram!

Be Seen and Heard by Janique-ka

This will be a talk surrounding a series of practical tips that women in the tech sector can apply to their daily and professional lives to be seen and heard! We often hear that women should be seen and not heard, but it’s time to break that archaic mold, and be confident enough to be as seen and heard as the men in our field.

About Janique-ka

My name is Janique-ka John and I am 28 years old, (but 27 at the time of writing this) from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a multi island state in the Caribbean. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Applied Computer Science. Currently a full-time software engineer and living in Brussels for the past 3 years. I am passionate about consumer technology, but also AI, Coding, Big Data and Women In Tech!

Taking the leap by Ellen

Taking a risk can feel like an impossible thing to do. We encounter these type of decisions daily, some are small and others change our life forever. For me, starting as a frontend developer felt like a huge jump in the dark, even though I have always been part of what we call ‘A man’s world’ and I worked in tech for quite a while. Talking with other women in the field, made me realise that I’m not the only one with these thoughts and struggles. What makes it so hard for women to work in a field that is still dominated by men? But the main question for this talk: how can we help to change this?

About Ellen

Being ‘one of the boys’ (with sports, science, motorcycles, technology) is how people often describe me. 6 years ago I started working at Teamleader as a product designer. The next 5 years I saw a company grow from zero to what it is today. I encountered working with code on many occasions in my life (high school, college, work), but I only made the switch half a year ago. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

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