TechTalks May 2019 - Brussels

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For this year's second edition of our TechTalk event we're heading over to Brussels again. We have 2 speakers lined up for the evening one will bring a technical topic while the other will talk about today's lack of women in tech, more specifically female developers, the history behind it and so on...

Evening Program

18h30 - 🚪 Doors open & start of networking
19h30 - 🙋‍♀️ Introduction by women.code(be)
19h45 - Ksenia Karelskaya: JavaScript 101 - Struggles & Victories
20h30 - 🧋 short break
20h45 - Guillaume Hachez: Of mice and (only) Men - Why are female coders so rare in Belgium?
21h45 - 🤝 drinks & networking

Tech Talks

JavaScript 101: Struggles & Victories

Have you ever struggled with Javascript not working the way you've expected it to work? You are not alone! In this talk Ksenia will uncover hidden logic of Javascript and guide you through challenges on your way of understanding your code better. She also will share some useful resources and her own experience of becoming mid-level javascript developer.

About Ksenia

Ksenia is frontend developer, working with JavaScript and Angular on complex enterprise solutions. Core team member of NG-BE conference, she is a feminist, passionate about diversity and inclusion. Also, she drinks gallons of tea per day, preferably japanese sencha tea.

Of mice and (only) Men - Why are female coders so rare in Belgium?

While it's well-known that the IT industry is predominantly male, it's worth noting that Belgium is the country that is the most affected by this.
Why is that? What does it say about Belgium? Guillaume spent 6 months researching this and meeting with experts to find out. 💥

About Guillaume

Guillaume is a freelance software engineer. His app has been downloaded millions of times in the past two years and he also hosts a very cool podcast (guests include Minister Alexander De Croo & Google Belgium CEO Thierry Geerts).

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