TechTalks Februari 2020 - Brussels

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Hey all!

Our host and sponsor for this event probably will sound familiar: Hackages
Hackages is a community-based tech company with education at its core. We help you boost your skills and realise your projects through our expertise in training, product development, consultancy and community building.

PS. Hackages will provide snacks and drinks for the evening
Btw, coming by car? Why don't you share a ride with fellow event attendants? πŸ’šπŸŒ³

Evening Program

18h00 - πŸšͺ Doors open & start of networking + food πŸ•
19h00 - πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Introduction by women.code(be)
19h15 - Elke Heymans - Building Pacman VR in Vue
20h45 - Laila Deeb - What is Agile?
20h30 - πŸ§‹ short break
20h45 - Christina Wunder - Hate your job? Come to the Tech-side, we have cookies πŸͺ
21h30 - 🀝 drinks & networking

Tech Talks

Building VR Pacman in Vue

A lot of you probably have played the game Pacman before. But with the rising popularity of VR, how would it be to build a Pacman VR? Is it even possible to have a playable version on mobile? Join Elke as she explains how to even begin building a game in VR on mobile with the help of Vue and some other interesting frameworks.

About Elke

Elke is a frontend developer with a focus on Vue and TypeScript. She finds exploring new technologies and frontend frameworks to be a lot of fun. In her spare time you can find her taking photographs at events, training for half marathons or enjoying music by collecting records and attending concerts.

What is Agile?

A lot of us probably heard about Agile! But what is Agile and what is Not? In this session, You will get to know more about Agile and more about its principles and values. Also, you will discover why it is suitable for software development. This session can help you and your team work together more efficiently.

About Laila

Laila is an energetic and passionate software engineer and product owner with more than 4 years of experience in Web application development and 5 years of experience in teaching software engineering for university students. In her spare time, she works on her Youtube channel that explains Technological aspects to nonexperts or learns about new technologies.

Hate your job? Come to the tech-side, we have cookies

There are hundreds of reasons why tech might be an interesting career choice for women around the world. And it doesn't matter whether you crave a radical career switch, or want to expand your skillset to make your current job or business future-proof. There are more opportunities than meet the eye at first glance.

Join Christina Wunder as she speaks about her experience of changing careers from political communication to artificial intelligence, coding and technology communication. She is going to share her learning journey, best practices and advice that helped her switch careers - from the vague decision of wanting to do ”something with tech”, to building the necessary skills and network, and to finally making the move into the new sector.

About Christina

Christina Wunder is a political communication specialist with a passion for tech. Having been a press representative for the European Commission for the past years, she is now going to join the Google team in Brussels. Christina also runs The School of AI Brussels - a learning community for people who want to learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

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