TechTalks September 2021: Lightning talks edition - online

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We are happy to announce our 1st online TechTalks - lightning talk edition, which we believe covers a nice variety of topics.

Evening program

  • Sanne Vermeiren: Ownership of the benefits of development
  • Nele Van Beveren: WeGoSTEM, the Corona edition
  • Lien Van Den Steen: Lessons learned from working remotely
  • Elke Heymans: Hoist the sails, we've got TailwindCSS!
  • Martin Vanaken: Best practices: A look back


Ownership of the benefits of development

In this talk, Sanne will share her lessons learned about bridging the gap between business and development. Customers often know what they want and, as developers, we tend to dive right into the solution immediately. How do we make sure that our customers get involved with the development and that we both work towards a common goal?

About Sanne

Sanne Vermeiren is a scrum master for the Flemish child allowance project “Groeipakket” and became Young ICT Lady back in 2019, which gives her the opportunity to share her passion for technology with young girls and kick stereotypes ass!

WeGoSTEM, the Corona editon

During this lightning talk, Nele will talk about how Covid-19 makes the next edition more challenging, and at the same time brings the WeGoSTEM team closer to their goal. A story of sharing passion, and no matter what, staying close to your own purpose.

WeGoSTEM enables thousands of children to immerse themselves in STEM by building an art robot in the classroom.

About Nele

Nele, graduated as Master Of Science in Engineering - CS, wants to help youngsters be prepared to create the future world, full of technology. As one of the ladies who made it into the top5 of the DataNews SheGoesICT-contest in 2017, she wants to spread her enthusiasm. Together with other SheGoesICT-finalists and with Dwengo vzw, she founded WeGoSTEM, an initiative that enables thousands of children to immerse themselves in STEM by building an art robot in the classroom.

Lessons learned from working remotely

How to effectively communicate with your remote team and what to look out for when you’re applying for a remote role.

About Lien

Lien likes automation and improving the lives of her colleagues through code. She’s a full-stack engineer and has enjoyed working primarily with Ruby the last 5 years. When she’s not behind her keyboard she can be found seeking sunshine, sipping a flat white, or at the gym.

Hoist the sails, we've got TailwindCSS!

While most CSS frameworks provide pre-designed components , Tailwind CSS provides utility classes to style your frontend components from scratch. I'll show you how to use it to build custom, responsive and maintainable designs without having to write CSS.

About Elke

Elke is a frontend developer with a focus on Vue and TypeScript. She finds exploring new technologies and frontend frameworks to be a lot of fun. In her spare time you can find her taking photographs at events, training for half marathons or enjoying music by collecting records and attending concerts.

Best Practices: A look back

We all benefit from following "best practices" - but there is a middleground between reinventing the wheel and trying to follow a thousand of often conflicting rules. I'll advice here for taking a step back to not get overwhelmed - something often overlooked in the "advice world".

About Martin

Pointy-end, half-full stackoverflow developer, designated Scrumbag. CTO at @blsqhub. Dad x2. @LeWagonBrussels godfather. Owner of He/Him

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