women.code(be) x Clusity: How to level up your career as a (junior) developer - Mechelen

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For this event we are teaming up with Clusity, an initiative for women in tech at the Cronos Group, where they help women grow and aim to inspire.

Food and drinks are provided by Clusity. (incl. Vegetarian and Vegan options!)


As a developer, a lot of new things are constantly coming your way. Sometimes that can even be a bit overwhelming. So how do you deal with that? When do you have sufficient experience with a framework, programming language or program to talk about it?

In 2 tech talks and a panel discussion with 3 female developers from Cronos, we hear how they experience this. Who allows themselves to be held back by the feeling that they have not yet sufficiently mastered something? Will that feeling ever end? Do fellow developers have tips and tricks for this? Is this something typical for female developers or do we also see it in our male colleagues?

By starting this conversation, we hope to inspire and empower developers to feel more confident about their knowledge and skills. You are certainly not an outcast if you sometimes push yourself aside because you think someone else might know better!

Evening Program

18u30 - Reception (and food) 🥗
19u00 - Introduction
19u15 - Lightning Talk 1 - Coping with Imposter Syndrome by Ksenia Karelskaya
19u30 - Lightning Talk 2 - Growing beyond a junior developer, what is next? by Laila Deeb
19u45 - Panel Discussion with our 2 guest speakers & Cronosieten Nadya Essebbar, Keshia Niemegeerts, Aagje Reynders)
20.20h - Speeddate networking
20.45h - Free networking till end of the event

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