TechTalks September 2021 - online

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Hi all 👋
We hope you can all join us for another online edition of our TechTalks, an event where we invite various speakers to talk about code and tech-related topics.

Evening program

  • Welcome and introduction by the women.code(be) team
  • Sophie Ragas - How to test - Practical accessibility tips
  • Marta Luffarelli - Earth Observation from Satellite

Earth Observation from Satellite

In this talk Marta will give a short overview on the Earth Observation field and the main European projects active nowadays.

Then she’ll move onto the main technological challenges from the software point of view, what kind of data/format are available and how the community is moving forward in this topic. And finally she’ll conclude her talk with some comments on the scientific, social and ethical side of the Earth Observation field.

About Marta

Marta Luffarelli was born in 1991 in Rome, where she started her studies in Electronical Engineering at La Sapienza university. She moved to Brussels in 2016 to join Rayference, a private R&D company focusing on radiation transfer.

Since then, she participated in many projects coordinated by the European Space Agency and the European commission, presenting her work in international conferences. Meanwhile, she is working on her PhD project at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

On the side, Marta volunteered as blog content writer for the campaign 1million women in STEM and as editor for the Space4Women Show, an independent initiative in the framework of the Space4Women project funded by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

How to test - practical accessibility tips

As developers you will have at one point heard of accessibility. Perhaps you found it very daunting or intimidating! In this talk Sophie gives practical tips for testing websites and apps and shows that accessibility is more than just screen readers.

About Sophie

Living and breathing accessibility, Sophie (1984) wants every website and app to be accessible. For everyone! Aside from working as an accessibility consultant for Eleven Ways she loves singing, improv, reading and is fascinated with Leonardo da Vinci and history.

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