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Hi all we are looking forward to seeing you all again on our next online TechTalks in March!

Tech Talks

Lisa Becker: The importance and pitfalls of data pseudonymization

Data privacy is a concern for all of us. Many of us at women.code work with data but even if we don't, we produce data on a daily basis with the devices we use. Among other things, this personally identifiable data is used to improve products or show us targeted advertisements. But what happens behind the doors where companies work with this sensitive data? This is where pseudonymization plays a role. This talk explains what data pseudonymization is, why it is important and how implementing it can often go wrong.

About Lisa

Lisa is a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6 where she teaches computers to process and generate language for various use cases for clients. In her free time she practices and teaches yoga, takes care of her indoor plants, or hides behind a book while always being up for various adventures ranging from hiking to scuba diving.

Christina Wunder: Why we should prioritise co-mentorship in our careers

We all know the myth that women can’t support each other. Always in competition. “I’m not like the other girls”. These myths remain an old trick to prevent us from forming bonds, supporting each other and taking up space.

Men seem to help each other out, even if they don’t know each other personally. Traditionally, men have been occupying the public space, and as such have seen themselves as part of a collective. “We the people” actually meant “we, the men”. Human rights - “droits de l’homme” - quite literally meant mens’ rights.

Historically, women have not seen themselves as part of a female collective. Relegated to the domestic space, they would instead first and foremost identify as belonging to their individual family unit, headed and represented by their fathers, husbands, brothers.

Storytelling - from the bible to fairy tales to modern Hollywood plots - supports this myth that the public sphere only has space for very few of us. The prettiest one, the chosen one, the one.

Christina Wunder will talk about why these stories matter. And how we can rewrite them. We are aware of our power in numbers, and we are increasingly occupying the public space that women were denied for centuries. Let’s greet this progress and speed it up even further - through co-mentorship, networks and mutual support.

About Christina

Christina Wunder is a sustainability and climate communication expert with a passion for tech, data and artificial intelligence. She has worked as a press representative for researchers and scientists, the United Nations, the European Commission, and Google.
Christina also co-founded The School of AI Brussels - a learning community for people who want to learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

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