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We know how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to join a new group and to take the first steps.

Our onboarding process works with a few mandatory steps that will let you ease into it and help you connect to our network.

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What are our members saying?

Brigita S
I am very new in the community, but the ladies in the group seem lovely. I enjoyed our first meeting on the 8th of March and got some great advice to improve my resumé. Great place to meet like-minded women in tech!

Brigita S

I got advice on how to improve my resumé, portfolio website and LinkedIn profile and a bunch of other hints about my projects. The hardest part for me is LinkedIn because I don't have experience in the field and there is not much to show yet.

But thanks to Elke, now I have a strategy on how to build up my profile with relevant skills and show my value to potential employers. To be abel this issue - is a big relief. Honestly, this was the most productive conversation about resumes/portfolios/LinkedIn I ever had.

Alina MAbout our individual resume & portfolio review sessions

As a student who's applying for her first internship without any prior experience I wasn’t quite sure how to shape my resumé in a way that is appealing to recruiters so I reached out to women.code(be) for a résumé review.

The feedback that I got was very detailed and pointing out good ideas and bad mistakes alongside advice to correct them. I can now confidently send my résumé knowing it best displays my abilities.

Sarra LAbout our individual resume & portfolio review sessions

Oya C
As someone who migrated to Belgium and a stay-at-home mom who was breaking into tech, I felt anxious about being prejudiced during my job search. And on top of that, not having any connections was not helping either.

women.code(be) provided me with a place where I can share my story, connect with fellow peers and like-minded people. Being part of this community even helped me land my current job.

Oya CAbout our community in general

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Leonor Drummond
Asma Oualmakran
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