Our mission

Anniversary event: a group of women gathered around a table, while enjoying the company and snacks.

women.code(be) is a national voluntary organisation by women who code for women who code that operates in Belgium.

While many communities and organisations focus on attracting and training more women, we also hope to help retaining women that are already working in or studying a tech-related profession.

By undertaking various initiatives such as building an online community and organising events, women.code(be) is creating opportunities for (future) women who code. Opportunities to connect, grow, gain and share knowledge and to inspire girls and women throughout Belgium.

Another part of our mission is to put local role models in the spotlight to promote their skill and talent, in the hopes to inspire and push the Belgian tech industry towards becoming more accessible and inclusive.

Our vision

To foster a community that is welcoming, safe, supportive, inspiring and where opportunities and friendships come to exist.

Thoughts and goals

  1. We are a community for women who code in Belgium. Since coding doesn't necessarily limit to tech, we do not see ourselves as a strictly women in tech community.
  2. We want to break the misconception that coding and tech isn't for women, moms and people with disabilities.
  3. It is our belief that we should focus more on retaining women who are already working in STEM.
  4. We want to put local talent and role models in the spotlight.
    Local role models are often forgotten or overlooked. Why look elsewhere if we have so many talent within our own borders?
  5. By organising women-only events we have already encouraged more women to try out public speaking and to open up about gender-based issues that are still actual in male-dominated STEM companies.

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