About us

Founded in 2017, women.code(be) is a community that aims to unite women who code in Belgium and provide them with a friendly, safe and harassment free environment.

How it started

After having worked in tech for several years, Claudia experienced first-hand the difficulties and discrimination women are facing while working in tech. She also noticed that it didn't stop at work. When attending code-related events, she was more often than not the only woman attending. And the experience itself wasn't always very positive. Every event reminded her of the stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination towards women.

Needless to say that it felt pretty much impossible to connect with fellow women who code. And without having fellow peers to share the daily struggles, Claudia decided to reach out to a broader network and became part of a few international communities for women.

At that time there was no apparent community or network in Belgium for women like Claudia, this inspired her to start building a community for women who code in Belgium.

In November 2017, Claudia teamed up with Eva and Maartje to put the her idea into motion, soon after women.code(be) came to exist.

Initially the focus was to create an online community and occasionally host events where fellow women who code can connect and expand their network. But slowly, Claudia's ambitions grew and she longed for creating a bigger impact. An impact that we believe is much needed to make the Belgian tech industry a better place for women and non-binary people.

It was around this time, that Maartje left our ranks as core member. At the same time Eva and Claudia moved forward to expand the community's initiatives with a community blog, a monthly newsletter, spotlight interviews and more...

Our next step was to start building a team of volunteers to support and inspire even more women.

Our leadership team

Claudia Reynders, founder & core member

Claudia Reynders, Founder & Community Manager

I'm Claudia, a self-employed tech generalist and community builder. Over the last decade, I have worked as a frontend developer, (UX) designer and as product manager, so that's mostly where the term "tech generalist"originates from.

When I'm not working, I usually enjoy spending my time outdoors; going on hikes and exploring new places; but I also enjoy playing board games & video games, and so on...

Find me on LinkedIn (Not accepting random requests to connect)
Eva, co-founder & core member

Eva Brarens, Core member

I'm Eva, a freelance web designer and frontend developer from Antwerp.

Before I started focusing on design & code I studied philosophy and film studies, laying the foundation for why I like to combine both abstract and visual thinking. Outside of work I make illustrations and enjoy (web)comics, animation and gaming.

Find me on Twitter

Community volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of our community, they help us with many of the initiatives that we undertake. Such as the community’s monthly newsletter, community blog, organsing small events, reviewing portfolio’s and resume’s and so on...

We are proud that the following women are part of our volunteer team!

  • our volunteer: Oya C

    Oya C

    Newsletter editor

  • our volunteer: Federica B

    Federica B

    Newsletter editor

  • our volunteer: Elke H

    Elke H

    Career advice

  • our volunteer: Anna V

    Anna V

  • Joke V

    Career advice

  • our volunteer: Floriane M

    Floriane M

    Career advice

  • Siu S

    Social media manager

  • Hannelore V

    Social media manager

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