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Our community may be relatively small, but our ambitions are big.

We partner with people, communities and companies that are active in the tech industry or are doing something code-related. Our goal is to form partnerships that help build a different future for women who code.

If you are interested in partnering up for an event or have a different proposal, please fill out the form below. For donations, we recommend visiting our donation page

Host an event

When in-person events are possible, a venue with proper infrastructure is needed. For this we rely on the support of companies and organisations that let us make use of their space.

Some host expectations:

  • Ideally, your venue is easily accessible by public transport (most of us come from various throughout Belgium)
  • Room for a minimum of 20 people
  • A meeting room or an area where talks can be given
  • A projector + screen or a clear wall and possibly WiFi (for our speakers)
  • We don't expect catering, but some drinks would be great!
  • Preferably you are located in any of these cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Mechelen or Leuven

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